Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Our Cities Would Look Like Without Light Pollution.

November 14, 2014 | by Kristy Hamilton
What if our cities were lit by billions of stars? Wipe away the light and air pollution that obscures our view of the cosmos and we would be left with a dazzling light show.
French artist Thierry Cohen has done just that, depicting a world in which our cities and clear night skies co-exist together. “By combining two realities, I am making a third that you cannot see … but it exists! I am showing you the missing stars,” said Cohen to WIRED.
The eerie beauty of the images highlights what we are giving up; a lament to the skies city dwellers leave behind in order to live in a metropolis. 
Since urban skies are polluted with light from street signs and corner shops, Cohen had to travel to the same latitude in another part of the world to capture a clear view of the night sky. The resulting images are the product of under-exposure and a technique known as day for night. 
To view all 17 images, check out Thierry Cohen’s "DARKENED CITY" gallery. Here are a few of our favorites.

SAN FRANCISCO: 37° 48’ 30’’ N 2010-10-09 Lst 20:58  Thierry Cohen’s “Darkened Cities” gallery

RIO DE JANEIRO: 22° 56’ 42’’ S 2011-06-04 Lst 12:34  Thierry Cohen’s “Darkened Cities” gallery

SHANGHAI31° 13' 22'' N 2012-03-17 Lst 14:47  Thierry Cohen’s “Darkened Cities” gallery

Source: I FL Science

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