Monday, September 10, 2012

WATCH: Bill Moyers and Bernie Sanders on Money, Politics and Democratic Socialism

"Can I prove he (Obama) is not a Socialist? Yeah, look at his record, he's not a Socialist."  Bernie Sanders answering conservative claims that the President is a Socialist.

Bill Moyers is one of the most thoughtful journalist of  the last 50 years.

This month he sat down to chat with Bernie Sanders, who is the Progressive conscience and voice of the U.S. Senate and the Federal Government..

This is a wonderful interview in which Sanders explains the Progressive approach and philosophy to fixing this nation.

Bernie Sanders: "If you ask me, Am I a Democratic Socialist? I am.

Which Means that Healthcare should be a right of all people, Which means Higher Education should be a right. Kids shouldn't graduate $50,000 in debt. Which means that we should pass legislation that represents interests of working families, not big money interests. Which means we should be aggressive in reversing Global Warming and protecting the Environment for future generations. Which means that workers earn a decent wage...

To be a Democratic Socialist is to say: 'Hey we have 15% of our people unemployed today or underemployed, that's the reality. Close to 25 million workers. We're going to have a jobs program to put those people back to work. We're going to deal with the deficit in a Progressive and fair way..."

Watch The Entire Conversation Here: Bernie Sanders On Money, Politics and Democratic Socialism

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