Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Would You Eat A Biotech Fish?

Would You Eat A Biotech Fish??

By Frankly Speaking
     Ninja Progressive

The FDA paved the way on Friday for approval of genetically engineered salmon saying it did not believe that there will be any health risks to the  people that eat it. They also say there will be no threat to the environment. 

AquAdvantage salmon eggs would produce fish with the potential to grow to market size in half the time of conventional salmon. If it gets a final go-ahead, it would be the first food from a transgenic animal – one whose genome has been altered – to be approved by the FDA.

The FDA says that there is a "REASONABLE CERTAINTY of no harm for consumption.

“With respect to food safety, FDA has concluded that food from AquAdvantage salmon is as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon, and that there is a reasonable certainty of no harm from consumption,” the FDA assessment states.

Let's see... these are the same clowns who classify Cannabis as a Schedule One Narcotic and who routinely recall previously approved drugs because they kill too many people.

I think their definition of "reasonable certainty" is a little different than mine is... 

I'll Pass, thank you.

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